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Welcome to the WEB page of Processor Research Team, RIKEN Center for Computational Science, R-CCS.
To achieve high-performance computing with a supercomputer such as K computer and supercomputer Fugaku, we need to use a huge number of computing nodes in a way that they cooperate with each other using an inter-node network to communicate among them. However, the overall performance may be degraded by the considerable overhead required for global communications and synchronization among the nodes. We are developing computing accelerators to achieve large-scale processing with less performance degradation by introducing a new parallel computing model based on a “Data-Flow” model with localized communication and synchronization. Also, we are developing data-flow accelerators where custom-computing circuits are automatically generated by a high-level synthesis compiler for each target application. Such specially customized hardware structures allow us to achieve high performance processing even for those applications which conventional CPUs are not good at handling. These research results are helping advance usage of the K computer, as well as aiding exploration of new computing models and new architectures for future supercomputers.


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